Care Instructions for Stainless Steel/Non-Coloured Wind Spinners

To keep your Artwerx Australia Wind Spinner clean and looking it’s best you can clean it in the dishwasher.
For stubborn stains you can use a stainless steel creme cleanser. However if you reside close to salt water we recommend treating your spinner with a coat of WD40, Innox or lanolin.
All items can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Care Instructions for Coloured Wind Spinners

To keep your Artwerx Australia wind spinner clean and looking it’s best simply hose down or wash in warm soapy water. And dry it off with a soft cloth to ensure it doesn’t scratch.

Care and Maintenance on the Weathering Steel Material

The product you receive in your packaging is a clean cut artwork there will be no visible rust. The weathering steel is coated with a fine layer of oil to help protect the material in storage, so it may delay the rust process once you hang it outside. You can hurry the rust process along by washing your piece down with soapy water and you should start to see the rust developing within 24-72 hours. If the rust is not showing please repeat the process.

Your product will drip rust for the first 6 months to 1 year or when the rust is disturbed, so please take caution as to where you hang the piece as the rust will stain the area directly below on the floor.

There is an additional swivel packaged with your artwork, over time the swivel will become infected by the rust and will need replacing. If need be additional swivels can be purchased from fishing stores.

There is no need to clean this piece, and we consider any minor variations or marks a characteristic of the artwork.


My Wind Spinner isn't rotating

The wind direction can play a big part in your item spinning, you may want to try different areas of  the garden to ensure you make the most of your spinners turning capabilities. Lowering your spinner with a “extension” hook or using a battery or solar motor will allow it to spin and turn also.

Battery motors are not recommended for full outdoor weather.

Are you using a motor to turn your Wind Spinner?

When using either one of our battery operated or solar powered motors, it is important to hook the motor directly to the Spinner either by removing the swivel hooks or by connecting the motor to the bottom (stationary) hook.

Battery motors are not recommended for full outdoor weather.

Are you connecting more than one Wind Spinner together?

It is important to connect the spinners to each other using the lower hook or bypass the centre swivel so that the spinners will turn simultaneously. If one spinner turns, and the others do not, they have not been connected correctly.

The same applies if you are attaching a spiral tail or wind chime from our accessories range.

Are our products Australian Made?

Our Stainless Steel Designer Collection & the 316 Marine Grade Stainless Premium Collection are both manufactured here on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

We are proudly part of the Australian Made Campaign & all our Australian made products now feature the official  green & gold “Australian Made” stickers on the packaging.


How to open a standard wind spinner

Step 1:
Remove your Artwerx Australia Wind Spinner from its packaging.

Step 2:
Begin opening the metal rings of the Wind Spinner by placing the palm of your hand over the centre face of the Wind Spinner. Working your way out from the centre rings, gently push down (on the left or right side of the centre piece). As you push down, you will find the other side of the wind Spinner rings will pop up.

Continue pushing the centre face around, until it has rotated up to approximately 90 degrees from its original flat position. This process should ensure all the metal
rings are bent and evenly spaced.

Always push and open the Spinner from the centre line (the strongest point). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BEND THE METAL, as the thinner outer edges will distort.

Step 3:
Hang Your Artwerx Australia Wind Spinner using the swivel hook supplied in a bright open area and enjoy!