Artwerx Australia® is a family owned company with a passion for designing, manufacturing and selling wind spinners. You can buy our wind spinners from our approved distributors, who are listed on the Stockists page. Please contact us directly if you would like to become an Artwerx Stockist within Australia or overseas.

What Makes Our Wind Spinners Different?

First and foremost, the stainless steel we use is always high grade. There are three grades:

(i) 316 Marine grade uncoated stainless steel, which is highly corrosion resistant and suitable for beachfront or salt air environments – used for our Premium wind spinners.

(ii) Hard-wearing 304 uncoated stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor weather away from the coast – used for our Designer wind spinners.

(iii) Highly durable 201 grade stainless steel – used for our Classic and Contempo range of coloured steel wind spinners.

Many of our wind spinners are exclusive Artwerx Australia designs and can only be purchased from our approved wholesalers. Beware of copies: cheap, low quality wind spinners that do not meet our rigorous manufacturing or stainless steel specifications.

Our Premium and Designer ranges are made in Australia and carry the ‘Australian Made Kangaroo Logo’.

Our wind spinners are packaged carefully to avoid any damage during transportation. Detailed user instructions are included and we have a customer service department to answer any questions.

Artwerx Australia is a family run company, bringing passion, skill and dedication to supplying only the highest quality wind spinners.

Our Story

Since 2008, our family based company (previously trading as Pro Laser Cutting) has been laser cutting in West Gosford on the Central Coast of Australia. Our main focus was, and still is, laser cutting and manufacturing for the industrial and commercial life of Australia.

Artwerx Australia® was established in 2012, bringing our expertise into the fun side of life by creating, manufacturing and selling beautiful laser cut Stainless Steel Wind Spinners. Our main objective is to become Australia’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of these stunning and creative pieces, both nationally and internationally.

Our in-house designer and product specialist ensures that the Artwerx Australia wind spinner range is carefully crafted to exacting specifications for stylish longevity.

From all of us here at Artwerx Australia®, we hope you enjoy our visually dynamic wind spinners as much as we enjoy making them.